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Comments from critics:

“Anna Baker works magnificently in many media. Her pictures reveal the true mark of genius – an originality and technical excellence that offer her viewers a glimpse into a personal world of her own devising.”                           Laurence Lariar, New York Art Dealer.1967

“Fanciful geometric wisps, suggesting the architecture of flowers and snow stars, form the cellular structure of man and beast as created by artist Anna Baker. Thus the detailing of these fine examples of decorative art is as complex as watchworks, as equisite as doilies. The method, rendered with ink as well as watercolors and oil paints, become a tour de force, and the compositions are as stylized as stage sets for an allegory”.                 
Beverly E. Johnson, Los Angeles Times Home Magazine, February 4, 1968

Anna’s “unique sense of humour and incredible capacity for painstaking detail makes her work inimitable. Like all good art, Ms. Baker’s compositions are basically abstract, but the images she develops often are quizzical, evoked in dots, dashes and color shapes that leave no area without interest.”“To own an Anna Baker drawing/painting is to be in daily contact with a blithe spirit who is also one of our most accomplished artists”.                 
Harold Hayden, art critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, 1979

When the Chronicle in 1974, began publishing in Barton, Anna “began illustrating its humor column. Her first illustration showed the artist  seated on a Holstein cow...... She began to submit cartoons featuring two wall-eyed Holsteins who regularly observe the triumphs and follies of the Northeast Kingdom” (NE Vermont) 
Tom Slayton, Sunday Times Argus, Sept.4, 1983

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