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Although Anna lived most of her life in  the United States, she remained a Canadian Citizen using her resident alien card admitted to the United States on 07/11/50.

1928 Born June 12, in London, Ontario, Canada.  She was adopted by Alfred Burrows Baker and
        Mabel Roberta Pearl Baker.

1950 Graduated University of Western Ontario
       Awarded Publications Key
       Entered School of Art Institute of Chicago

1952 Elected to Art Students League, A.I.C., and Delta Phi  Delta, National Art Fraternity
       Exhibited in Chicago and Vicinity, 56th Annual and numerous group shows in the Chicago area

1953 Philadelphia Print Club Lithography Exhibition
       25th International Northwest Printmakers, Portland, Oregon
       Western Ontario Annual, London, Ontario
       One Man Show, June Holmes Gallery, Chicago
       57th Annual Chicago and Vicinity Show
       5th Albany (N.Y.) Open National Print Exhibition
       4th Annual Print Exhibition, Bradley (Ill.) University

1954 Boston Society Of Independent Artists
       Philadelphia Print Club Lithography show
       3rd Annual Portland (Me.) Society of Art, Print Exhibition
       3rd Biennial Colour Lithography Exhibition, Cincinnati (Ohio) Art Museum
       Library of Congress National Print Exhibition, Washington, D.C.
       Canadian Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers, Toronto, and Touring Exhibition
       Western Ontario Annual, London, Ontario
       Included in Loan Collection Art Institute of Chicago, Women's Board
       American Federation of Arts Touring Print Exhibition
       7th Annual Boston Printmakers
       Birmingham, Alabama, Watercolour Exhibition
       4th Print Annual, Contemporaries Art Gallery, New York
       Graduated School of the Art Institute of Chicago with  Faculty Honourable Mention; B.F.A. and        

1955 One Man Show, Lantern Gallery, Chicago
        24th Print Exhibition, Wichita (Kans.) Art Association
        27th Philadelphia Lithography Annual
        One Man Show, Jackson, Mississippi
        One Man Show, Mandel Brothers, Chicago
        Library of Congress American Print Exhibition; Purchase Award for Pennell Collection
        6th Biennial Open National Print Exhibit, Albany, New York
        Silvermine Guild of Artists, Norwalk, Connecticut

1956 Canadian Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers
        Northwest Printmakers, Portland, Oregon
        Cleveland Museum May Show; First Prize Lithography
        Western Ontario Annual
        Cincinnati Museum of Art National Print Exhibition
        Butler Museum, Youngstown, Ohio, Midyear American Annual
        59th Annual Chicago and Vicinity Exhibit; awarded Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Logan Prize for              
        One Man Show, Lantern Gallery, Chicago
        Participated in a number of group shows in Chicago area

1957 Included in 56 Artists of Chicago Touring Exhibit in  France and Germany sponsored by U.S.I.A.         
       Young Canadian Contemporaries
       60th Annual Chicago and Vicinity Exhibit, Art Institute of Chicago
       One Man Show, Winnetka (Ill.) Women's Club
       X I V  American Drawing Show, Norfolk, Virginia
       Two Man Show with Tony Urquart in London, Ontario
       One Man Show, Art Colony Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
       Executed Commission for Marshall Field Store, Chicago
       Cleveland Museum May Show; First Prize Drawing, Honourable Mention Painting and Watercolour
       Cleveland Jaycee Exhibit; First Prize Drawing; Honorable  Mention Painting
       One Man Show, Nexus Gallery, Boston
        Included in Dayton, Ohio Museum Loan Collection
        Albany, New York, Print Exhibit

1958 Art U.S.A., New York
       Young Contemporaries of Canada Touring Exhibit
       Elected member C.P.E.
       Freelance design work for Chicago Printed String Co
       Cincinnati Lithography Biennial Exhibit
       Washington Society of Printmakers, Seattle, Washington
       Cleveland Museum May Show; Purchase Prize Drawing; Second  Prize Painting    
       12th Annual American Watercolour and Drawing Exhibit;  Purchase Prize Drawing; Honourable     
                                                                                      Mention DraWING
       Huntington (N.J.) Print Exhibit
       Ball State College Drawing and Small Sculpture Exhibit; Two Purchase Awards
       63rd Annual Washington Watercolour Society Exhibition

1960 C.P.E. 44th Annual
        Lyman Alleyn Museum, New London, Conneticut; Purchase Award
       50th Annual Connecticut Academy Show
        3rd Annual Brockton Art Association, Brockton, Massachusetts
        1960 Audubon Artists Annual, New York
       6th Annual Ball State Drawing and Small Sculpture;    Purchase Award
       One Man Show, Little Gallery, 57th St., Chicago
       Boston Festival of Art
       Worked in Birgit Skiold's Print Workshop, London, England     

1961 Northeast Vermont Artists' Exhibition
       Portland, (Me.) Festival of the Arts
       One Man Show, Small World Gallery, Baldwin, New York
       One Man Show, Little Gallery, Chicago
        1st Biennial American Drawing Exhibit, St. Paul, Minnesota
       Washinton Society of Printmakers, Seattle Washington

1962 8th Annual Ball State Small Drawing  and Small Sculpture;  Gallery Award
       65th Annual National Exhibit, Washinton, D.C.; Watercolour Society Drawing Award

1963 66th Annual National Exhibition, Washington, D.C.;   watercolour Society Drawing Award
       Oklahoma Printmakers Exhibit
        Purchase Award from University of Western Ontario
        One Man Show, Osborne Gallery, New York
        De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts, New England        Artists' Exhibition

1964 One Man Show, Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont
       One Man Show, Little Gallery, Chicago
       One Man Show, Small World Gallery, Baldwin, New York

1965 One Man Show, Jensen Gallery, London, Ontario
1966 One Man Show, Ray Williams Gallery, Chicago

1967 Included Loan Collection London Public Library and Art Museum
       One Man Show, Lucille Fickett Gallery, Los Angeles, California    

1968 One Man Show, University of Western Ontario, Alumni Hall
       Grant from Canada Council
       Brochure for Arts Faculty, University of Western Ontario,        London, Ontario

1970 From 1952 to 1970 participated in the Annual 57th Street Art Fair, Chicago

1971 Included in Industrial Loan Collection of Women's Board,    London Public Library and Art Museum    
      One Man Show, George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, Springfield Massachusetts

*****The above biography was written by Anna Baker.  The following information was assembled from material from her estate.

1971 Alumni Gazette Cover, February 1971,  University of Western Ontario

1973 One Man Show, Nancy Poole Studios, London, Canada
       Ambrose Small Productions:
       Exhibition of 26 paintings and Drawings

1974...1985 Illustrations for the Chronicle, newspaper Barton, Vermont

1975 Received heavy radiation treatment for cancer of the throat
 One Man Show, A London Collection of paintings and Drawings (25th reunion of Arts'50,      
      University of Western Ontario) – D.B.Weldon Library
      Designed materials - sold one to Schumacker, N. Y.

1977 Vermont Bi-Centennial Poster Mediallion

1978  Print:"The Quiet and Peaceful Village is Threatened by Runaway Pond"  60 signed prints were      
          Sold..   Meriden Press
       Illustrations for "The Book of Chowder" by Richard J. Hooker  (Harvard Common Press)

1979 Included in Vermont Images program involved 6 visual  artists, two musicians and a poet
       Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier, Vermont
       One Man Show, McManus Studio Lobby, Theatre London, London, Canada from "The Ambrose
                                                               Small Collection”

1982 One Man Show, The Howell Gallery, London, Canada
       showed the Rosa Bonheur Series (18 paintings)
                     Cranford Series (13 drawings)
                     Circus Parade (8 paintings)
                      17 other paintings

1983 Included in Canadian Art Collection, University of Western  Ontario, McIntosh Gallery, London,

1984 Included in Contemporary Art Workshop: Ways of Drawing, curated by Harold Haydon, 542 W.     
                                                                   Grant Place, Chicago
       New England Press Association, Best Illustration, Daily, Class 1, First Place, The Sunday Times

1985 Included in The Brock Street Gallery, Kingston, Canada

February 28, 1985, Anna P. Baker died in Kingston, Ontario from cancer

1985 One Man Show, Hang Ups Gallery, London, Canada
       A Memorial Tribute by Friends
       One Man Show, Catamount Film and Arts Center Gallery, St. Johnsbury, Vermont (40 paintings
                                                                          and drawings)
       One Man Show, Spencer Room Gallery, D.B.Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario,
                                                                    London, Ontario

1988 Induction of Anna Baker as the first  member of the South Collegiate Hall of Fame, in London,
             May 1988 (60th Anniversary of the School)

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